Why You're So Bored

I consider being bored to be the opposite of meditation, not busy-ness. While being bored can be a catalyst for creativity, being bored for an extended period of time leads us to fill empty spaces with meaningless things.

Existence doesn't owe any of us entertainment, novelty, sex, freedom, next steps, or concepts to think about. We need seek out, work towards, and create enough probability for those things to happen at the pace at which we want those things. Creativity is the answer to boredom and if we don't answer the call then we're left waiting for nothing.

Unless we're just window shopping with our emotions.

I think that's where boredom lives. In an empty mall with the same 6 stores that would only change if we went to a different mall, walked in a different direction, went with a different person, or adjust our own expectations.

Boredom is how we settle into a lack of willingness to make a plan for change for ourselves. We exclaim boredom with a current situation as if we didn't have a choice in being there or have a choice in finding a tangible way out.

If you don't want to live at home anymore, have you crunched the numbers to figure how and when you can leave? If you're unhappy in a relationship have you talked to your partner about what can be different? If unsatisfied with a job do you know what it would take to leave?

The challenge with boredom is that it allows us to rest into now in a helpless fashion. As if we can't decide what the next step is, when there's always an opportunity to appreciate the sheer possibility of existence.

When I say window shopping with emotions, I mean to keep feeling the same things over and over with a known desire to change but you won't commit to the sale or not willing to admit that what you've been looking at is not what you need.

Facing the prospect of being true to wants means facing the reality of two disparate ideas. The idea that you want something to change and that you don't want to believe that you need to do something about it. You're stuck in the middle...doing nothing and not even enjoying it.


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