Why Can't We "Change" Someone's Worldview?

You can't explain away or emotionally manipulate worldview. Worldview is worldview. It's unwavering and unconscious. If a worldview works for someone then why would anyone change?

More doing, less talking and convincing. Embody your values in your life through personal demonstration. Embody meaning inner self-growth as opposed to external blame. Even this is a presentation of my worldview. Can't escape it. You're going to leave a lot of people behind.

My worldview is 5-orange in Spiral Dynamics. This means a self-focus, rational-focused, freedom fixation, off the beaten path, and the beginnings of a more world-centric focus as opposed to seeing the "world" through shared myth and collective safety.

The founding of the United States was a 5-orange worldview with the intentions of personal freedom, rights for all, pursuit of happiness, opportunity (otherwise we'd have a king). And yes, it wasn't perfect but the worldview was the leading edge at the time and still a toddler.

In my worldview, we can only upgrade ourselves. The freedom to do so also means the responsibility to do so. Development is a personal realization (with support). That means we rationalize for ourselves, not to correct others. This rationale is a pull away from Mythic Order.

Sometimes wires get crossed. Rational doesn't only mean science. Rationale in this case is a personal exploration of previous beliefs compared to truth. If not careful, science becomes doctrine, something to convince someone of. We may want to destroy our previous worldview.

But development is envelopment. That means growth includes everything in your life that's come before. It's not quite a deconstruction, though sometimes there is unlearning, but an inclusion of the lessons that came from the previous worldview.

"Rational" worldview doesn't mean not spiritual, it just means not beholden to a doctrine or Mythic Order. You can still believe in aspects of the previous worldview but it's no longer about following it fundamentally or fearing damnation from spirit or government.

It's a beginning of seeing the opportunity to live life how I want and not operating strictly within the law. Not against it or in spite of it criminally but not dependant on it. Making your own way.

The difference between 3-red and 5-orange here is the knowledge of 4-blue. 3-red wants to express at all costs and take what they want, getting caught because they don't yet know the terrain. 5-orange collects resources but without waking the dragon. Deliberately navigating.

It's also expansion from ethnocentric to worldcentric. Trusting your own race, gender, creed, etc. above others is a normal aspect of personal growth, not a defect of human development as some believe. At some point its all you're exposed to. So, why wouldn't you think that?

Some grow through it sooner than others. Some never have the opportunity to. Becoming more open and accepting of the world beyond your sex, race, gender does not mean lowering your personal sense of self to accept others nor does it mean asking others to do that for you. That's why kids bully and join their own groups. We group up based on similarities. When babies, we learn to match colors together. It's a part of getting to know who we are. The idea is to then have support in growing through that. That starts with exposure. And yes, it's more difficult to move on from that thinking of superiority when your race is the dominant one. We have a narrative of that here in the US but it's a universal idea. Again, exposure to healthy expressions of other "tribes" is a good start to becoming more open.

But many people live their lives without opportunities for exposure. I don't see that as their fault but what they do with it can be terrible. A Mythic Order doctrine can mold around race and exposure becomes more difficult. A double bind of fear.

We'll especially react if exposure may change doctrine which may threaten status which threatens worldview. It's tough to see anything beyond our worldview. Especially when we're scared. Scared adults don't express as well as scared kids. Kids have nothing to hide, no ego to protect. Kids are pure ego.

And most people want to feel safe. And until they have reason to feel safe they'll continue being fearful and hateful in response. Like imagining the boogeyman in the dark simply because we don't know what's there. Without a flashlight our imagination runs wild.

The transition from ethnocentric to world-centric is a journey of acceptance and seeing people and situations for what they are. Truth of varying perspective. That's why I focus on empowerment, a self-responsibility of internal growth, because I'm supporting that transition. I was a real racist and sexist piece of shit as I defended my atheist doctrine in my mostly white bubble of northeast Philadelphia. Because I'm already self-focused as an INTP, I hated on everyone to some degree. I was exposed to a lot of shitty things and did plenty of my own.

I had unhealthy exposure. I was in my ethnocentric worldview operating between groups but with prejudice that I learned from each group. I don't think prejudice is easy to get rid of. I imagine that's especially difficult when your culture actively supports your prejudice.

I'm being neutral for a reason. I'm suggesting that acknowledging "how" you are or have been ethnocentric is key to being more tolerant and accepting. Not to lower yourself, feel bad or claim "privilege" or lack thereof but to just see it as a step in your growth.

And yeah, you can be embarrassed about it. That's okay. We all look at old photos and judge our past haircuts. We thought it was a good fit at the time.

To begin taking on a worldcentric view we really have to start with self-acknowledgement, awareness and forgiveness for who we were. We did the best with what we had and we have to let others do that too.

So, right now there's a lot of finger pointing. And if you're in a place where you're able to hear what I'm saying then it's time to turn that thing around... ...not in judgment but just to acknowledge what you've done or have been doing then be compassionate to yourself.


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