What Does it Mean to be an ESTP Personality?

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

ESTPs can be quite fun and quite intense. You're likely action-oriented and live for the moment often changing your mind or switching interests on a dime. What's real to you is what you can experience with your senses and what is "obvious." Esoteric and theory-based conversations can be frustrating if they go on too long. You've got things to do.

It's all about what's happening right now and your quick wit keeps you moving onto the next thing. Instruction manuals and textbooks only get in the way. You want to dive into the problem and figure it out as you go. Personal experience is life's greatest teacher.

As a kid, you were probably quite restless and quick to move on to the next thing if it doesn't seem worth the effort. You want to work on what's interesting, practical, right in front of you, deal with a variety of challenges, and really push yourself.

For someone like me who doesn't really push himself, I find what an ESTP can do to be quite amazing. You put yourself out there and love being the focus of attention as a natural entertainer. You have no problem being the life of any party with a knack for practical jokes as a way of showing affection.

Routine and structure can be quite boring, and slowing down do not feel great for as an ESTP. Everyone needs to slow down at some point but it's a rare occurrence where you'll want to because slowing down is where you start thinking about the future. You'd rather solve problems now, deal with the future later.

And while the present is where all the action is, it's important to remember that including a bit of the future will make the present much more fulfilling and keep you in control of your destiny.

This integration with the future also helps become a great negotiator and business owner in practical necessary fields. That practical joker energy is a reflection of your creativity to do a bit of the unexpected alongside pushing yourself.

Sports, auto racing and repair, maintenance or operation of special equipment, and anything else that changes from day to day or moment to moment and is unpredictable has special career appeal.

You may want to do a lot with your time and make the most out of every possible event or celebration. Even if you've gotten in trouble a lot, which is likely, you likely did it with joy because you weren't doing anything to be anti-authority so much as you just wanted to do what you wanted to and not even take authority, rules, or expectations into account. And it's no big deal since you're quick to bounce back and move on from mistakes.

ESTP traits are typically seen as more masculine with being quick to dive into problem-solving, be physically tough, competitive, and boisterous. ESTP women are no different and easily seen as tomboys with not much concern for what people think since doing what you want is so important.

If you have a boss, parent, or partner struggling to connect with you it's a good idea to share that you prefer guidance and suggestions as opposed to hard and fast rules. Anyone trying to hold you down will only be met with that natural preference to choose yourself first.

If you've got kids you are probably encouraging their freedom and wanting them to be happy with whatever they want. You won't push them but would want them to be secure in a practical way. Some kids may take a more academic approach and need more rules and external accountability. Be sure to listen for and support what they need.

All of that said, your capacity to tackle and complete tough jobs, your fearlessness in trying anything at least once, and your keen sense of competition, make ESTPs doers, problem-solvers, and people upon whom one can count when an exciting challenge lies ahead.


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