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The Responsibility of Embodying Truth for INTPs

I focus on INTP growth because many are being left behind and assuming or behaving as if we're broken, worthless, "absent-minded professors" incapable closing browser tabs or focusing on one thing for more than 5 minutes. This in itself is a symptom of society not honoring INTP thinking and simply not knowing how to nurture an Introverted Thinking style of existence. We're left to fend for ourselves. But I'm hoping to change that. I believe INTPs have the opportunity to influence what we see as genuinely good, beautiful and truthful in the world. This is especially so in a world that doesn't know how to honor truth in its search for opinions to express. And this what INTPs can do well, use objective criteria to form social solutions or industry altering solutions. But like cooking if you use poor ingredients you get a poor outcome. If the data isn't clean, the output doesn't help. If truth can be anything then the outcome can be anything. This is why truth is so important. The internet has become junk food, having diluted its recipe of open world-wide internet to become politically boxed in and separated by sides exacerbated by algorithms that feed our own desire to be right above all things regardless of what is actually truth. We feed that algorithmic cycle with only reporting what we personally value, our most prized selfie, and not necessarily what is. And many on the modern internet hadn't tasted what it was like before this opinion-focused emotional identity politics chaos of an internet. Many don't know the difference between eating this unhealthy junk that simply satisfies the mental addictive taste buds seeking a righteous hit that echoes what we already want to see and hear. Truth and reality are simply not exciting to the masses, which makes truth less important and therefore malleable in service of what is exciting. And social platforms benefit from shoving this junk food in our faces and because of that, why would they care to change beyond adding "offense filters" when facts are not as interesting as op-eds and "hot takes." Hot takes and op-eds expressing a helpless desire for change often contradicting values that are being expressed all while trying to look good for the cultural camera. And I don't blame anyone for that.

We want to be seen as good people. It's tough to do good work quietly when we're used to sharing everything. And making money isn't the bad guy here either. I don't blame anyone for wanting to make more money. However, making money makes altruistic changes difficult to make if it leads to financial downfalls. And while many want to burn capitalism down so we can focus on taking care of people, that's actually a regression of development, as we need resources to take care of people. Otherwise we become dependent on whoever can collect resources. Forming solutions involves seeing and acknowledging the truth of integrating previous nodes in the system that have worked in one sense (collecting resources) and applying it to a new node (dispersing resources effectively) in order to do good, beautiful and honest work. I'm not suggesting any of this truth business or INTP growth is a single solution to the world's problem but one node in a system of cascading failures leading to collective intense loneliness, divisiveness, nihilism, pessimism, depression, anxiety, etc. It's not as if we haven't tried to make things better. Somewhere along the way, since the 60s, the mission of flower power and peace on earth became overwhelming and shelved or at least went relatively quiet. Not sure why, but likely the world was moving too fast for a value system (see: Spiral Dynamics GREEN) that moves pretty slow, requires consensus and consideration of all beings. Endurance and persistence lost out to reacting closer and closer to the real-time fires of a rapidly changing world. And as millennials began to grow into political consciousness there came a fork in the road of dealing with the now or working to deal with the later...many of whom chose now as it's right in front of our face every day on social media. It seems like a battle began to form on two fronts. Short term reactionary putting out of fires (battling conservative trolling or persistent pressing of traditional values) and slow methodical strategic systems-thinking, integral-defining of long term values and SYSTEMS-BUILDING as opposed to systemic tear down. The long term being an attempt to accommodate all value systems, including conservatives. Where this leads to is thinking about what those future systems may look like. Algorithms, robots, AI, voice control, and social networks are going to remain big pillars of our future systems...regardless do who is running them. An Integral GREEN good, beautiful, and true vision of the future will include definitions of truth and values that define how we build these systems. And who do you think is going to code those systems? INTPs are writing these algorithms now. Truth and defining the future is quite literally at our fingertips. INTPs have defined the modern era in many ways by enabling the free-flow of opinion (passing as fact) without honoring or sharing what is provable truth to design a way that embeds a sound premise for any finding (no fact or source confirming), simply being egalitarian for the sake of it and letting any truth exist leading to all sorts of sloppy ingredients and highly addictive sugary terrible outcomes. This is a version of truth, sure, but is missing the point of integrating good and beautiful. INTPs, with nurturing, can help us honor truth, goodness and beauty to redefine the remainder of this century whether through adjusting social platforms or something else altogether to better define the value we collectively point towards...because truth isn't it right now. Development is envelopment, which means integrating lessons and truths of past, not redefining it. You may not like a truth but can honor and see its value in order to something with (not in spite of it). Seeing what is true, what is, without judgement, can create greater opportunity to make informed decisions and formulate perspective that has a sound foundation as opposed to elusive, alternative, self-serving, and contrarian. Right now we're questioning whether or not anything is true. There's endless room for denial, gaslighting, "fake news" and "alternative facts" to a situation. This is a public terrible use of introverted thinking, a way of thinking which INTPs can better promote and design to integrate into reality in a healthier way. I say design because it's not as if we're going to make the world think like INTPs nor free-thought always the best choice for everyone. There are other personalities at play that need a well-designed foundation at which to stand on and thrive in their own way. Good design of algorithms and systems will automatically honor every individual truth and use of truth. Good design makes sense, has incentives, benefits the individual and the collective. You may hate standing in line at the grocery store but you do it because it makes sense than shoving everyone out of the way or just walking out of the store with a cart full of stolen goods because of benefits and repercussions built into the systems, systems we're not actively thinking about in line at the grocery store because we've integrated them into our lives. So what I'm leading to is that we can do better collectively. I'm tired of the same words, all the talking, yelling, trolling, etc. It's time to get to work Protests and trolling aren't getting it done due to self-fellating of personal values and playing the victim at each other. Go forward with intention and play the long game. Nothing will change over night. We've spent a long time in an identity space, trying to hold space for feelings and "doing the right thing" but the "right thing" doesn't exist if truth is dismissed in service of feeling righteous or self-serving desires. Truth cuts through that noise to create a solid foundation in which you can't reshape it to your own means. As I said, good design is seamless and isn't pushy against the conscious mind but shows the benefit to the unconscious mind with ease. So I want is to nurture INTPs to better proponents of truth not only for themselves but to become designers of experiences that encourage the value of truth. This ultimately leads to the behavior change we seek to create in the world. I'm hoping that with time, design, work, patience, endurance, persistence, and technology we can combine truth and design to usher in a more focused era of truly honoring each other because we, collectively, know what's true and what isn't. ----- This article is inspired by the Ken Wilber book "Trump and the Post-Truth World" which can be found on Amazon.

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