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The Myth of Discovery

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Being found on a mass scale is decreasing as social media democratizes itself more than ever. No longer does an account executive hold the key to your future as a creator. No longer are artists at the whim of curators or musicians at the whim of promoters and labels. No longer are writers waiting for publishers.

And that's amazing news!

It also means that unless you take great care in your message and the direction in which you're pointing your talent, then you're competing with the entire world.

That sounds scary on the surface but it's not that bad, it just takes some thought to find the smallest viable market.

Who is the smallest viable market? The intersection of who is interested, excited and willing to pay. And you need to find those people. They won't just magically find you. If you build it, they probably won't know about it or care until they have a personal connection to it.

And that's the thing, we're all human and we want people to like our stuff then buy our stuff. Our customers want the same for them and their stuff. We all overvalue our own experience as the most important. We made this thing so everyone should love it without me even having to try. But they won't care because they don't have a reason to care.

So, how do you make them care? By caring about them. Connecting your mission to their mission. Establishing know, like and trust through planting seeds of repeat interactions. Making others feel seen, so they're more likely to see you. And doing so without expectation of immediate return. Yup, that's the hardest part. Because you're building connection points and community. Expecting a transaction is the quickest way to not get one. When they're ready to work with you then they'll come to you when they're ready to trust you. But you can't get there without them knowing or liking you first.

So, you won't attract attention by simply putting your work out there and waiting for the money to come in. Hashtags aren't going to change your life and one piece of content isn't going to fill your bags full of cash. As much as we'd like to believe that our work should speak for itself, it very much won't. We need to speak for our work and we need to be speaking to those who want to hear it. Because the people on the other end are also people waiting for the answer to come to them and that answer could be you.

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