The Modern Denial of Belief

Culture is based on belief, not always truth, and that's okay. It gets tricky when trying to convey belief as truth. The beauty of belief is that we can't prove it to be true. It's malleable, adaptable, helpful.

That's how an idea maintains wonder.

Belief is the suspension of truth and truth is the suspension of belief. It's okay to have either one but holding both with the same concept is not possible.

We muddy the waters by trying to convince someone that an idea is truth when it is only a belief needed in moments in which reality doesn't service us, when reality doesn't connect us to our sense of meaning that we haven't yet created for ourselves. That an external idea is everything to our significance.

It's okay to not be significant. You're a piece of existence doing your part in the evolutionary chain of survival, not the total of it.

If you're a Yankees fan and the team loses, you don't switch teams. You acknowledge the reality that they lost. That works in sports, to maintain allegiance; it doesn't when it comes to the serious nature of our lives.

Sticking with the team despite flaw is belief. Acknowledging the winning team and asking about opportunities to grow is truth.

Culture demands your allegiance, when it grabs hold you are no longer a free thinker.

Are you a human being with free will or being held to someone else's standard?

Afraid of being canceled or dismissed as a snowflake?

Plagued by guilt for how you were born?

Opposing something you don't understand?

Feeling that one way is the only way?

Choosing a side at every moment without listening and making space for new ideas makes you a slave to a culture and a player in the drama triangle, robbing your own life of growth of possibility. Wasting time, thought, and energy on judgments and assumptions.

Because you are connected to the thing or found use for use the thing doesn't mean it is THE thing.

You're better than that. I'm better than that. I expect more from you. We expect more from you.

And if you're thinking of someone on "the other side" going "yeah, they need stop being a jerk" then you missed the point. Read it again. Start over.

Lather, rinse, repeat.


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