The 4 Keys to Become Entertaining

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Since I've rested into Ti (logical thinking and personal rationality) being my superpower, which hasn't been very long, I've realized how valuable my mode of thinking is. To not just recite information but apply it to my context, share my personal stories of growth and use information as a connection tool.

However, humility has been a struggle. To slow down, take time to learn the right way to attract attention, not skip steps, and build this labor of love brick by brick is a daunting task. Right now I'm making a lead magnet mini-course around messaging to collect email addresses and do email marketing the right way. I've skipped over it due to personal stubbornness but it's still the best way to connect directly with an interested audience. I never thought I could do it because I didn't think I was entertaining enough. But how do we define entertainment? For me, it's 4 key ideas. The email pathway I'm working on allows for more intentional and clear expression of my identity with my content and internet consumption. That I show up with a purpose, not to spam, but not wander aimlessly on the internet looking for chemical hits. Intentional action is the first to consider when attempting to be entertaining. To make someone smile, laugh, feel, love, or take action as an expression of your identity and what you're trying to put out there.

Secondly, I've accepted that I want to be wealthy. I've never actually said it out loud. And accepting that, as a freelancer, I can't do that by trading money for my time, thanks to the words of Naval. To scale means to work smarter and harder. Find the right robots, the right people, and live by modest means. To be honest about where I'm headed and what my intentions are. So what I'm working on is molding my energy to be a resource generating one but also a connecting one by delivering information and advice with care and joy. Thirdly, I've spent a decade supporting entertainment in local TV in two counties, and film marketing then I've seen corporations try to be entertaining. I've seen what works and doesn't work over and over. I find that what people connect to energetically is what they find entertaining. That's my focus, to help people connect with their people through their media. Number 3 is focus.

There are two episodes of Personality Hacker that reference a model I think about a lot to help determine creative focus as a Calibrator, Implentor, or Visionary. "Your Mess is Your Message" and "How to be An Influencer: Part 1" which is largely the inspiration for this post.

Thinking about these terms massively helps with focus. They're most useful if you rank them within yourself. For me, I think I'm a Calibrator first as a thoughtful experienced creator who helps people with mental reframes, Implementer second as someone who has no reservations around creating content and visionary third since my vision is always emergent and always changing.

Where all of that energy is going, is likely your focus.

An unfocused energy entertains no one and it's likely the wrong crowd. Conan O'Brien wasn't the right host for The Tonight Show expectation didn't fit his brand of humor. He's hilariously entertaining, one of my favorites, but not right for that audience. Jimmy Fallon took the spot with a different flavor and fit. Conan went to TBS and is embracing his own flavor instead of changing his energy.

An energy with intention infused with your identity, with purpose, with a focus...connects. Every successful entertainment entity has an identity, a purpose, a focus, and delivers on crossing those streams. That doesn't mean be comedic, whacky, big, bold, or loud. It means to connect.

And that's number 4, connection.

And it's funny that I say that because connection is not something I've been notoriously good at through traditional means. But I've always wanted to connect to an audience through fantasies of stand up comedy or being a lead in a play or movie. My personality didn't seem to fit that dream. But now I see that my form of connection is through information, razzing, asking tough questions...not necessarily raw emotion, physical expression, or big behaviors. And by being who I am, intentionally, I connect.

I connect with people through DOPEamine, through Cosmic Calibration, with clients, and at live events. I'm loved for who I am and that's because I've finally figured out that be entertaining doesn't mean I need to be something I'm not.

Being in good health, with a sense of identity, with purpose, with focus, and trusting my ability to connect allows me to keep trying, keep iterating, and keep going without fear. I'm lucky to have been a person throughout my career that has been willing to try and fail over and over again. That is an asset and skill on its own that allows for experience opportunity. I know it shows in the work that I do now, that there is no end to trying until I'm dead.

"You are the product" is usually the case for most of us. We're creating content in an attempt connect us to our people. For me, I'm working on needing to protect and nurture myself as an asset as a physical human that needs to keep existing and bringing my best to the table. There's no way I can be entertaining if I'm not taking care of myself first because it starts with identity. So, I want to know, how do you connect with people? What's your brand of entertainment? What energy connects with you and others? What's your focus? Let me know in the comments below.


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