Reasons and Excuses

I've always been more a thinking type and that comes with a lot of internal reasons for why I do or don't do things. I try to come from a place of understanding myself and other people. However, if you're trying to accomplish a task and someone is counting on you to accomplish that task, when you give reasons, it can appear as if you're making excuses.

I had that challenge growing up in which I would often hear "quit making excuses" when I attempted to explain or express my mental or physical challenges and why I couldn't accomplish something as a result. Over time, I've had to learn for myself that even though what I'm saying is misunderstood, I understand what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to better understand my circumstances so that I can improve my circumstances. That involves knowing the reasons why I have challenges.

When it becomes an excuses is when you use that reason to completely stop what you're doing despite having a way forward. That path may be more difficult but it's still a path. Having a mental illness is a challenge but it's not always a complete blocker from building and having the life you want or getting the support you need.

All of those needs falls on you to find for yourself because you still have the power to move forward despite these challenges. It's going to be hard but it's not impossible. You are not broken, you just need to bend more than others.

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