Process Creates Content

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Some of you may be Gary Vee fans and have heard of the concept of documenting over creating. If not, what that means is that we, as creators, are doing a lot of work in between the conception and presentation of an idea or concept.

That's a lot of time, process, interesting thoughts, and details that get left in the ether of the creative process.

In a world that begs for content, that's a lot of untapped sharing. Now, you're not required to share everything though what it addresses is that panic which sets in the moment you feel like you need content and don't have it. Likely, that panic sets in because you're not in this cycle of documenting an already existing process.

You see what that means?

Documenting means you don't have to spend extra time creating content that isn't there. You don't need to be some content guru that makes this beautiful presentation from scratch. You've got plenty to work with already.

So, do me a favor, stop overthinking it and talk about what you're already doing, what you already find interesting, what you're already thinking about.


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