Mind-body Connection

I see personal development as the process of developing a mind-body connection. To be present and aware that you're alive. Not just to give affirmations, meditate, learn, and share but to breathe, eat well, exercise, stretch, and move in the process.

To me, mind-body connection means establishing greater honesty with ourselves about our experiences, traumas, and challenges. To listen to what we need and answer the call. Trusting yourself to grow through difficulty. Trusting your reactions and instincts, listening to what your body has to say. Making peace with yourself and your ego to no longer reject, repress, or project. Moving when you need to move for better bloodflow. Letting both parts of you work together, not against each other. Giving your mind a rest by treating your body well because when you don't treat your body well your mind has to do extra work that we may not be aware of.

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