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INTP Long-Term Turmoil: Goals vs. Vision

We INTPs are not all that great at predicting the future in the long term. It can cause great pause because we can rationalize how an action today can lead any number of outcomes, particularly the negative ones. There's a different between goals and vision. A goal is a strict specific path in life that doesn't take into account how you feel now and the perpetual now. It's a sacrifice of now for the end result. That's more a Judger frame of mind and we're not Judgers. Having a vision is more of a general idea of what we'd like the future to look like, it's fuzzy but it has a shape to it and it's in a general direction like an island on the horizon. It doesn't betray how we would like to be now. Fulfilling a vision only comes from full acceptance of who we are so we can continue to honor who we are in the moment, the perpetual now. If we can honor our needs and wants in the general direction of our vision, we allow the vision to grow and change as we grow and change. Otherwise, you'll end up with the exact future you're afraid of which is too exact and rigid.

I got a divorce in 2017. Been there done that. Honoring yourself daily, with a general vision and compass in mind, will make sure the vision matches who you are not molding yourself to match the goal...which is ultimately a self-betrayal and the quickest way to feeling major regret. If you're in need of additional support and coaching to apply this concept to your context then I invite you for a coaching session at calendly.com/dopeamine or review one of our support programs at dopeamine.teachable.com