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INTP Long-Term Turmoil: Goals vs. Vision

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

We INTPs are not all that great at predicting the future in the long term. It can cause great pause because we can rationalize how an action today can lead any number of outcomes, particularly the negative ones. There's a difference between goals and vision. A goal is a strict specific path in life that doesn't take into account how you feel now and the perpetual now. It's a sacrifice of now for the end result. That's more a Judger frame of mind and we're not Judgers. Having a vision is more of a general idea of what we'd like the future to look like, it's fuzzy but it has a shape to it and it's in a general direction like an island on the horizon. It doesn't betray how we would like to be now. Fulfilling a vision only comes from full acceptance of who we are so we can continue to honor who we are in the moment, the perpetual now. If we can honor our needs and wants in the general direction of our vision, we allow the vision to grow and change as we grow and change. Otherwise, you'll end up with the exact future you're afraid of which is too exact and rigid.

Honoring yourself daily, with a general vision and compass in mind, will make sure the vision matches who you are not molding yourself to match the goal...which is ultimately a self-betrayal and the quickest way to feeling major regret.

Next steps:

I specialize in INTP development here on DOPEamine with articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, programs, memberships, and coaching. If you want to know more about what it means to be an INTP including advice and a free Q&A eBook...sign up for our e-mail list!

Ready to jump right into deeper learning and practical advice on how to grow as an INTP?

We've got a few options for you:

The INTP Productivity Workshop

If this article perked your eyeballs up then it's likely time for you to jump into our INTP Productivity Workshop, a monthly group-coaching membership where INTPs share insights, ideas, brainstorm together, and keep each other accountable on our big projects and visions. Recommended for an INTP needing help with focus, motivation, accountability, and looking to connect with other INTPs.

The INTP Launch Kit

This is a great launching point if you are absolutely brand new to understanding yourself as an INTP. Packed with advice from the creator of this platform, who is also an INTP, you will be certain to gain a few a-ha moments from this program created in-house at DOPEamine Premium. Recommended for absolute beginners wanting advice directly from a fellow INTP.

Personality Hacker's INTP Starter Kit

Personality Hacker is where I've learned everything I know about personality profiling, being an INTP, and teaching various systems for personal growth. Their INTP Starter Kit includes loads of reading material aimed specifically at growth and excellence. Personality Hacker brings a brand of professionalism to Myers-Briggs teaching that is like none other in the personal growth space. Recommended for beginners focused on disciplined growth and greatness.

The INTP Empowerment Guide

This is our in-house flagship program for INTPs to get into the nooks and crannies of what it means to be an INTP. We lead you down the rabbit hole of cognitive functions, introduce Dynamic Personality as a philosophy, teach you how to begin to integrate shadow functions, and begin the process of accessing this learning in everyday life through relationships, career, creativity, and even parenting. Recommended for intermediate to advanced learners wanting advice on connection, expression, discipline, and play from a fellow INTP.

Personality Hacker's INTx Unleashed

This program is unlike any other I've taken in recent memory. INTx Unleashed is a chronicle of the experiences of high-performing INTPs and INTJs. There are multiple interviews, breakdowns, and important reframes that can change the course of your personal history as an INTP. What's unique is that you'll see how both INTPs and INTJs can learn from each other. So, you'll want to listen to all of the interviews and breakdowns to get the full experience. I've personally taken this program and it is highly recommended. Recommended for INTPs and INTJs aiming to become high performers.

Where do I begin?

If you can swing it, I would get all 4 programs starting from The INTP Launch Kit all the way through to INTx Unleashed. This will allow for your pattern recognition to be activated to get the most out of these learning experiences. You can jump around and connect the dots of what both I and Personality Hacker are sharing in these various programs.

Still unsure? Send us an e-mail to dopeaminepodcast@gmail.com to get some personalized recommendations.

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