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For Creators Who Are Afraid of Cancel Culture

I want to speak about cancel culture for a moment. I'm not speaking to those who are a part of it, I'm speaking to those who are afraid of it. I understand your fear. Your livelihood is at stake. But know that everything will be okay. You're so lovely and talented. You've got so much to offer beyond your Instagram follower count and you're a potential target because you are powerful, talented, and focused. Everything they are not. Cancel culture has run wild, drunk with power, unfocused and damaging many lives in the process. It requires you to say and do very specific things and all the other things I've listed in the previous post. This is especially true as business owners who are seen to have more money and power than the average person in that group who is projecting their own helplessness in the form of mass abuse. You have a skill worth selling, sharing and a means to contribute to existence and the future. You choose to build and create as opposed to tear down and destroy. I'm here to say that I've got your back. You can do this. You can be yourself, say what you feel, and go against the grain. You won't be burned at the stake. If your Instagram gets shut down then so what. Let's build another. You've got the talent to do it again. You have loyal followers, fans, and friends. Those who don't trust or believe in you can leave. Don't rely on one platform. Create a Patreon. Start an email list. Build a website. Start a YouTube channel. Get on TikTok. You are the controller of your destiny, not a vague wave of the righteous collective. You are not a victim and you can do this. We got you. 📸 By Markus Winkler

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