Find your own kind words to use.

I realize there are a lot of us learning new ideals or being exposed to new experiences and want others to go through difficult growth with us.

Like a kid who just learned a new rule then turns around and enforces that onto another kid to feel a sense of power when we haven't soaked in the lesson yet.

Sit with it before you broadcast it and seek out a villain. If you've sought out a villain then you haven't learned the lesson. The lesson that everyone is doing the best they can with their experiences, knowledge, ideals, and circumstances. Yes, even those you deem evil or harmful.

Everyone is in it for themselves as a core human trait.

Underneath even something like "cancel culture" is the desire to fit in. That's what a culture is. And not questioning that culture is usually based on fear of not being able to stand on your own if you're cast out.

But I assure you that taking a morally superior stance is not kind, to others who are still learning and to yourself, who is still learning to reach within yourself to find your own way of giving back to reality.

Why do you need this type of culture?

Why do you need the social currency?

Are you unsure of being able to stand on your own?

Do you not yet have the resolve to face the type of group you've assimilated into?

It's easy to be a part of a herd. You just follow and repeat. To stand on your own and still be kind takes bravery.

Understand that group-think, the thing that got you here, won't get you there.

How can you be kind to someone in your unique way?


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