F.A.Q. About DOPEamine, Myers-Briggs, & Personality Profiling

Why DOPEamine? A play on words, our brain releases dopamine as a reaction to exciting experiences.

I personally manage ADHD and Cyclothymia in my life, which introduces a chemical imbalance of not getting enough of this feel-good chemical of dopamine, which can exacerbate feelings of hopelessness and depression. On this platform, I share my personal stories of growth with these experiences.

Despite those challenges I use my personality type as an INTP and awareness within other systems to help manage symptoms, get emotional support, and take personal responsibility for my own path forward. DOPEamine, as a podcast, started as a platform for personal expression of those challenges and the empowerment that comes from taking personal responsibility and the joy found in everyday places. What is the vision for DOPEamine? With DOPEamine we hope to expand the media presence, awareness, support, and encouragement of personal empowerment and creative expression for humans of the world. I want to encourage the exploring of ways to reclaim your sense of self, improve your relationships, find career focus, and give yourself accurate self-care.

What is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? Myers-Briggs is a system created by Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs as an expansion on the Personality Archetype work of famed psychologist Carl Jung. Myers and Briggs took the archetypes created by Carl Jung, focused on learning styles and decision-making styles, and adapted them for use in workplace hiring in a time when the workforce needed more women to take the place of men who were drafted into the military. With the time period being what it was and women not working much, there wasn't much room to hire on the merits of experience, so this system was used to hire based on personality. The system has continued to be used in workplace hiring and calibration of business growth but the implications for personal development have been growing as coaching, marketing, and exploring interpersonal dynamics tool.

How does DOPEamine use Myers-Briggs? One of the key visions for DOPEamine is to talk about using Myers-Briggs for day to day calibration to check in with your mental state, environment, relationships, career, and self-care to see if you're accurately nurturing how your mind is wired. This means, in a nutshell, that your Myers-Briggs personality type is a way of defining what "normal" is for you. And defining your sense of normal is a big step towards quelling everyday challenges like comparison, self-criticism, and every-day forms of anxiety. This means using this tool as a means to help you calibrate to your version of normal instead of society's version of normal. In a scientific sense, it's establishing a "control" for who you are to get a better sense of when something is not quite right. What does it mean to have a personality type?​ Think of your best-fit type as the way of learning and making decisions that your mind rubber-bands back to. We can learn skills around other kinds of thinking and behavior as we adjust to our environment (which is totally normal) but pushing too far can create psychological challenges and unhealthy levels of stress. It's kind of like trying to push down a beach ball in a pool...it'll pop back up no matter how much force you apply. That means if you're struggling with daily challenges, repeated failures and not knowing which way is normal then a profiling session is a vital tool to know your best-fit type and figure out your control point to know when something is off. Not just a gut feeling but to know for sure what's up and what to do about it.

Why does your Personality Type matter? Myers-Briggs is an amazing tool for reclaiming your center and calibrating to your everyday needs. If you know how your brain is wired, you can know when you're being stretched too thin and get yourself back on track. Doctors and therapy help for the big picture of chemical challenges that are beyond our pay grade. What we help with is the bouts of everyday despair that we can be empowered to face within ourselves with the tools that personal development offers. When we honor our personality, those feel-good chemicals give us the energy and clarity we need to go forward. Sometimes when life stretches us thin, we simply need to make a change.

None of this is a quick fix, patch, or magic pill for any mental illness but honoring our personality needs can make symptoms easier to manage by not fighting against those needs. Through the discovery process of a profiling session, we determine who you are, what your challenges are, and what your superpower is to see if anything is being neglected to then determine where you can go next...if that's therapy, coaching, or one of our programs. Plenty of people find out that everything is great! That validation is also helpful. Who wouldn't want to know that they're on the right track? Ultimately, it's about discovering your path forward, regardless of what that looks like.

Who needs to know their type? Not everyone NEEDS to know their type but it's helpful to know if everything is okay and if not, we help you uncover your next steps.

Can I just take an online test? You can but you'll only get so much out of it. Self-assessment relies on how much you know about yourself and no way of applying context to the explanations of your type. Type descriptions can be generic and may only make you more confused. Working one-on-one with a trained profiler creates a feeling of trust and certainty that we're being thorough. We want to give you confidence that we'll support you without judgment and support your journey of self-discovery. We want to get it right, make it a safe space, and allow you to rest your shoulders when we're done.

What is personality profiling? Have you ever felt a sense that there are other people out there like you? ...or a feeling that some people don't quite think the same way you do? ...or that you can't do what some others do no matter how hard you try? ...or that some things that are obvious to you aren't quite so obvious to others? Personality Profiling is a deep dive into why that is through an interview, verification, and explanation process of determining your best-fit personality type. Specifically, Myers-Briggs personality profiling. You know, the four-letter code you've probably heard of at work or some Facebook group. Chances are you've identified with at least one of the 16 types: INTP, ENTP, ESTP, ISTP, ESFP, ENFP, INFP, ISFP, ESFJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, ISTJ, ENFJ, INFJ, ENTJ, INTJ I ask you all sorts of questions about yourself, your life, and whatever you're willing to share.

What makes a profiling session different from taking a test is that I get to experience your energy in real-time and notice your unconscious behavior.

An online test can't quite do that.

This is because online tests are self-assessment tests that require you to know strongly who you are...and well, you probably wouldn't be searching for your personality type if you fully knew who you are. That's a bit of the paradox of personality tests BUT they are great starting points for personal growth.

An online test also can't coach you based on your experience and context if you need a little advice on how to move forward, which is something we do provide within profiling sessions as the needs come up. Almost all profiling sessions include some form of coaching to give you some direction if needed.

Why should I get a profiling session?

What's involved in a profiling session? These sessions are about 45-90 minutes on average and consist of answering questions from a real person over Zoom or in-person about you, your life, and what it means to be you to determine how you recharge, how you make decisions, how you learn and how you prefer to show up to the world. We then verify your type, meaning you confirm who you are as opposed to the profiler just telling you, followed by an expansive explanation of your personality type and ways to incorporate this new knowledge into your life.

Do you have any specialties?

I tend to focus on INTPs because I am one, which makes me familiar with that growth path and brain wiring more intimately. INTPs tend to prefer self-assessing their own type but that can have its limitations and be a confusing process.

This video explains why:

There are also type which are similar to INTPs which can cause confusion when figuring out your personality type. So, one of my specialties is in working out the differences between the two types you may be stuck on to help you settle into which one is yours. I've worked with ENTPs who thought they were INTPs and vice-versa.

What's so special about INTPs?

I've personality witnessed INTPs struggling to fit in, which is a part of my personal story as well. INTPs can have much of their motivation, inspiration, and drive kicked out of them at a young age because curiosity isn't always a welcomed trait. From here, an INTP may struggle with overidentifying with this disconnection and either lean into what people perceive them to be, become antagonistic to others, or give up altogether.

One of my missions with DOPEamine is to encourage you as an INTP to take personal responsibility for your growth, trust in your logic, your ability to connect and contribute to the world. I offer loving support and tough love to INTPs who need in the areas of motivation, productivity, and defining a future for yourself.

Why are you doing This? The process of creating DOPEamine has saved my life.

When I felt like I had no more control and was doomed to be a failure over and over, I discovered the difference between my personality and my mental illness through websites like Personality Hacker, Personality Junkie, Psychology Junkie, the books of A.J. Drenth, Dario Nardi and more. This journey of self-discovery enabled me to go forward in ways I could never have imagined. I now want to do that for others and leave the world a better place than I found it. Supporting people feels wonderful and the sense of relief, joy, and curiosity someone gets at the end of a profiling session is amazing to experience.

Here's a testimonial from a profiling client:

How do I book a session? Right this way​ or use the booking widget below. Just select the date and time that works for you. If the time you want isn't available just email dopeaminepodcast@gmail.com and we may be able to coordinate a custom time slot.

Isn't knowing your personality type like putting yourself into a box? Truth is, we put ourselves into boxes all the time. Shallow boxes. We create stereotypes around ideas like gender, race, height, size, etc. that we're battling every day. Personality is a window into a deeper sense of self and a way to see others beyond the boxes we already use to better examine ours and others' experiences. With this personal insight, we can begin to look at people for who they are and not whom we perceive them to be. It makes the unconscious, conscious, and shines light on what we don't quite understand about daily life which allows for greater understanding, greater opportunities for connection, and far less hate in the world...because we tend to hate what we fear, and we fear what we don't understand. We're all complex humans with complex ideas, loves, wants, and needs. While there are commonalities of the human experiences and 16 general archetypes of brain wiring, there are still 7+ billion different personalities with different cultures, experiences, upbringings, and perspectives that need to all be seen and respected for who they are. Personality Archetypes are simply a way of understanding your center, your north star, for when you're asked by life, your environment, and the people around you to go too far away from what God, Allah, Buddha, The Universe, whatever you turn to, has given you.

Do you have any advanced lessons, courses, and coaching?

Yes, we have a Mighty Networks community in which we talk about more in-depth topics with those seeking expanded support.

Gain access by joining our e-mail list.

Can I learn to personality profile?

Yes, we have a personality profiling apprenticeship paid channel within our Mighty Networks. Through this, you can learn all of the advanced details of how to personality profile for yourself to make extra money or to use in your personal or professional life.

Gain access by joining our e-mail list.

What if I know my type but would like some coaching?

Book your coaching session below. If you can't find your preferred time then send us an e-mail to dopeaminepodcast@gmail.com and we'll work with you to negotiate better timing.

What if I have more questions?

Send us an e-mail to dopeaminepodcast@gmail.com.

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