Emotions are Bodies Expressing Themselves

It's the most important to remember that emotions are a physical feeling as opposed to an ethereal or solely external spiritual sensation. That's why they're called feelings. They are a part of us, not things that are happening to us. Not something to be tamed.

Physical sensations in your body give you clues about your experience. Different personalities can pickup different nuances in these bodily sensations but we can all afford to take more time to listen to what our bodies are telling us.

Mental health also relies on the trust of physical sensations to improve our instincts, gut reactions, and desires.

The skill development of the mind-body connection improves the chances of mental health growth and management. That means exercise, spiritual development, meditation, cataloging the physical reactions you have to different situations, movement throughout your day, Sexual connection and expression, physical connection with partners and friends.

Treat feelings as they are. All of your feelings. A denial of sadness can lead to depression. In my experience, any form of Repression leads to mental challenges. Don't deny yourself the beauty of the human experience, no matter how difficult. The only way out is through.

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