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Not Just Letters and Numbers: Embracing Your Complete and Dynamic Personality

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

What does it mean to have a dynamic personality?

It means that we inherently grow, shift, and change with our growing circumstances, skillset, career path, and whom we spend time with.

And that makes sense, right? We experience new things, we learn new things, and some of those things become a major part of who we are.

And that's good. That's a major aspect of life...to grow, shift, change, and explore.

One of the questions I get often is whether or not personality changes over time. And that is a resounding "Yes!" with a caveat.

Our Personality in terms of our codes and letters doesn't change since those are our cognitive preferences and as far as we know to this point, those are born as we are born but it may feel like it changes as we learn new skills and adapt to the needs of life. What we learn over time is that these cognitive preferences play these consistent core roles in our lives as decision making and perceiving processes but the what, who, how, and why will likely change over time.

We may move to a new city, find a new partner, learn a new skill, or even climb through Spiral Dynamics levels which shifts our worldview altogether.

"Every ENFP is like every other ENFP is like no other ENFP." - Dario Nardi 

This means that the core of who we are, our preferences, may match others but the dynamic nature and depth of who we are is still unlike anyone else in history. Because you're facing your circumstances, with your upbringing, in your time period, with your culture, your knowledge, your skill set, and your expression.

What often changes is our understanding of what ISN'T personality. This happens through perspective-shifting, empathy, letting go of some neurotic aspects of ourselves, or improving our ability to connect with others. That list of growth opportunities and shifts is quite endless.

When you look for a description of your personality type online, including my work, we're not getting the full picture of who we are. It's simply a compass or a map to the territory, personality theory is not the territory itself. You are the complex terrain that you're navigating and no one else has the complete map.

We go from site to site or coach to coach filling in the pieces then living life itself to conquer the terrain.

All of this is to say that you are not a stereotype, nor are you doomed to a destiny experienced by other people of the same personality type.

Your personality type is not a death sentence and you're not stuck.

I need you to walk away from this e-mail knowing something important. You're not as simple as the letters and numbers you identify as. These are tools that help us understand ourselves and calibrate to the moment. But they are not destiny and they are not a limitation.

You are a dynamic ever-changing, ever-learning human being who is navigating the world to the best of your ability.

So, there may be little contradictions here and there or unique aspects to your story that don't line up with typical personality type descriptions. Great! That's the point. You're not that easy to pin down or may experience that feeling at some point. That doesn't invalidate the system, that means there is more to explore within you, there's a story in there, and it's likely a sign that there's simply more to you than a barcode of letters and numbers.

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