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Can Logic Be Self-Limiting?

Recently, I put out a YouTube video about the Limiting Beliefs of INTPs. In this video I talked about what this particular personality type struggles with when it comes to how much we cling to our logic as truth. That means, in essence, if we put enough effort into it we can convince ourselves of anything. We're going to touch on that in this article. To recap what it means to be an INTP, we lead with a cognitive function called Introverted Thinking or Ti. And the reason it's called Introverted Thinking is because our logic is personal and subjective. It's about our personal interpretation of data.

Simply put, we collect as much information as we can about anything we're interested in but how we deduce or connect that information is based on our person experience. We can make whatever meaning we see fit from a collection of data, though the goal is to find the unshakable meaning. What can be confusing is that an INTP will value as much objective information as possible, so that must mean that our findings are also objective as well. Simple logic that is incredibly deceiving. That confusion is often occurring because we're skipping one of the most important variables...our humanity. Being human comes with it an inherent emotional experience. It doesn't matter how logical and data driven you are, the emotions are there. It's just a matter of whether or not we're aware of it.

Our thoughts and feelings are reactions to our environment and experiences. Why would we even choose to research anything in the first place if we didn't have an emotional connection to the objective data we're seeking? Why would I talk about personality psychology if it didn't mean anything to me? Why would I spend time researching and fixing something if it didn't, on some level, mean something to me? This is one of the great challenges of the INTP personality, understanding that our search for objectivity is launched from a subjective emotional human place. Usually based on something exciting, interesting, curious, or lovely. But then understanding that this emotional launching point isn't an excuse to always live in doubt either but to understand our own origin point of discovery is a grounding point of focus to keep digging.

So, when an INTP comes to me asking about ways to be more connective and human, I simply say that it's already there. We just have to learn how to get out of our own way and think about where our thoughts are coming from in the first place. What I mean by getting out of our own way is to take a step back or become a step removed from your result and continue to ask questions about your intentions. Is this true? Or this is just the answer I need? Is this answer real? Or is it perpetuating an opinion about myself? Are there experiences or information I'm missing that could better round this out? It's no mistake that INTPs struggle around the concepts of emotional expression, connection and finding love. But believing that you can never grow or find love based on research is very different than seeing your own growth and possibilities from experience. And logic would dictate that INTPs have found love before, INTPs have done great things, INTPs have become self-sufficient, and INTPs have found an ability to make peace with the subjective. So, I'm going to ask a tough question but it's one I've heard many times when I was finding every reason to beat down on myself...what makes you so special that you feel undeserving of love? Don't get me wrong, this doesn't have to be about love. But there's likely something in your mind that you've formulated logic around that is limiting your personal expansion. Just recently I began playing more video games again. Now that's not anything big and important but I realized that I formulated a narrative, a logic, around the idea that in order to maintain my relationship I needed to give up video games. I've had trouble with that in the past and usually guys playing video games is the butt of every relationship joke about men.

So, I cut it off altogether.

I formulated logic around an emotional reaction but since the logic can often be so dense and on-point in our own mind, it can be easy to miss the emotional origin point. While I wouldn't encourage INTPs to make decisions based on emotions, it's important to remember that Ti is the main way we make decisions but it's not the only way. What I suggest is to listen to yourself when you formulate logic for yourself about yourself, especially one that is strongly cemented...and start to chip away at it by asking yourself what the emotional origin point is for this idea.

Is your own logic around that idea holding you back? Can you talk to someone to confirm whether your logic is sound? Are you letting your hyper-awareness of your conscience experience become assumed mastery of your unconscious experience? What makes you so special that you think you can't have what you want? As an INTP, I say that we are capable of making anything happen. We just have to learn to get out of our own way.


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