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Are you trying to be helpful or are you trying to be right?

This is the question I ask myself every day lately. Am I trying to be helpful or am I just trying to be right? It's why I've taken a break from the podcast to regroup and rethink what I'm trying to do with this platform. I talk about mental health empowerment on a regular basis, but there are times in which I've created something moreso to be right and sound smart than to be focused and helpful. Is that empowerment? Sounds like my own brand of drama to me where I'm trying to bask in my own righteousness as if I still have something to prove. This is deeper and more difficult work than I'm able to properly articulate but the main idea is a personal evolution of humility...not in lowering myself but in not making myself the center of attention. To fully own and believe that I don't need to be right via external validation of someone praising me but through their developed actions and call to creativity. I've noticed this "wanting to be right" in myself when I talk about social issues on the podcast, for example. Yes, I could be right about what's happening but then I have to ask...what am I actually doing about what I've just figured out? Sure, I can tell you what I know and MAYBE you do something with that but how can I remove myself further from the equation to ensure that I'm truly nurturing YOUR ability to feel empowered and put creative energy into the world? For an article that is not about putting myself in the center of attention to focus on you I've really had to do just that in order to share this process. A desire to not desire is still a desire, so in a sense I'm leaning in before I can more easily back away. Perhaps I can illicit that reaction and spark in you to think about the ways in which you do something for a personal ego hit that doesn't serve any purpose beyond self-inflation. And that's really what I'm fighting, is this feeling of self-inflation that's getting in my own way.

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@iulia_m

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