Ever since I was 11-years-old I knew something was different about me. Not in the typically weird adolescent way of fearing judgment but in the sense I knew I shouldn't have been thinking about death as much as I was. I shouldn't have been so concerned with the seriousness of mortality at a young age. I also knew that I didn't feel in control of my moods in a way that others seemed to have control. I've found the last point to not be completely true as I explore more about everyday neurosis in everyday people but I still knew something was off. I went for years on and off just trying to be normal. Often my mental illness of Cyclothymia would catch up to me in unexpected ways and plague chaos on my life. It wasn't until my late 20s that I began a concerted effort to tame this monster. I went to therapy, made major life changes, started learning about typology and became highly immersed in personal development. I started my podcast called DOPEamine and began to share my journey.