My story with type really starts at the end of 2017 when I went through some major life changes. I burned my life to the ground for a second time and began a new journey of figuring out who I am and determining whether or not I'm the one that keeps screwing things up.


I was having challenges with understanding my personality and my mental health. I felt as though I kept straying from who I really wanted to be. Life demands a lot of us and if we're not careful, it can lead us into a place in which we're no longer using our natural strengths. We feel a disconnect with ourselves, which can lead to a place of dysthymia or other mental health challenges. 

Luckily, I was on a new path, with a new life, and a new partner who gave me the room to explore who I really am and what I wanted to become. She (ENFP) and I (INTP) connected over challenges, big ideas, entrepreneurship, and typology. We started going down a rabbit hole of understanding each other as a connection tool but then diving deeper into our past to look for patterns and learn about the people around us.

We started expanding our knowledge and I personally got hooked. I realized that I could understand people in a way that I never thought possible. Especially as an INTP I've been very lost when it comes to understanding people's emotional lives and motivations. I turned to Personality Hacker, Personality Junkie and others to begin my own path of personal transcendence. I developed more patience than I ever thought possible.


I'm learning more every day. Creating new connections every day and building a new life that typology has given me. I experience far less depression than I ever have because I'm less concerned with trying to figure people out with no tools. I want to share that feeling with you of knowing yourself and giving yourself permission to be whom you want to be. I want to share what I know with you and particularly other INTPs to help unlock your own personal superpowers. 

Learning about yourself is an incredible control for figuring out where your personal development path can go. How would know if you're making the right choice? Who to connect with? What we truly want? Learning your Myers-Briggs personality type can absolutely give you the map to identify these things.

So, if you're confused about your type I'd love to offer you a one-on-one profiling session to work with me directly to determine your best fit type. You don't have to do anything beyond being yourself. It's not scary, there are no wrong answers. I will guide you through the process one step at a time and chances are that you'll get some coaching out of the experience once we determine your best fit type. So whether you're an ENFP, INTJ, ESFP or anything in between, we can figure it all out and set you on the right path. Click the button below and let's get started!