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What is an INFJ?​

The INFJ Personality Type in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging Type. This means that the INFJ sees their inner world as the real world, using intuition (pattern recognition) as their main form of learning, makes decisions primarily based on emotional criteria and prefers to show up to the world prepared and ready for the experiences they have planned.

INFJs as a whole aspires to be reliable, intelligent, loving, and present with those they love. I mention wanting to be present because many INFJs have reported a feeling of disembodiment as they attempt to understand themselves as a human holistically and the patterns that emerge within the usage of the human mind.

Understanding how the mind works is a great joy of INFJs, which is what attracts many INFJs to personality psychology, but putting that understanding into words is an aspiration since finding the right words can be very important to an INFJ. This is because their insights intuitively emerge as complete understanding first before they break the pieces of what happened apart.

Over the course of their development, they may struggle with feelings of being alien due to their wonderful imagination, which an INFJ may fear will alienate them, as there is a desire for normalcy and fitting in.

Many INFJs are quiet, supportive, imaginative, insightful, intelligent, and easily create a vibe of someone we can trust. The challenge, and part of the work for a growing INFJ, is to make sure this trust development includes an expression of themselves and isn't a sacrifice of who they are to meet an assumed need of normal behavior. Meeting the needs of everyone includes the INFJ as the INFJ needs to serve themselves to best serve others. Not to mention that wonderful imagination deserves to see the light of day.

An INFJ is far from "normal" and that's a very good thing.

The INFJ sense of normal is an empowered sense of self. Trusting in the knowledge they have to share, curating a caring community, support their plans for the future, connecting and charming everyone they meet, and being present with both their ideas and the people who cherish them.

In our Empowerment Explainer, we dive into the cognitive functions of the INFJ, which is an unlocking of the Myers-Briggs 4-letter code.

A summary like this isn't enough to cover the full experience of an INFJ nor is it sufficient advice for the growth path if an INFJ. There are endless experiences, upbringings, cultures, and influences which add color to anyone's personality. This makes it so each personality has unique traits and variables that may make it challenging to see the depth of who you are with simple articles and summaries of type. Taking a look at the cognitive functions will reveal the brain wiring of the INFJ and allow you to see how the unique aspects of how this personality shows up to the world.


INFJ Explainer Empowerment Kit

Dive deeper into understanding yourself and regaining your sense of normal as an INFJ.

In this explainer video, we cover what are called "Cognitive Functions." These cognitive functions represent the internal wiring of our mind to help us define what we were given at birth. This explainer will help you define your personal sense of normal to take with you in any situation you may find yourself in.

The Cognitive Functions of an INFJ are:

Introvert Intuition - Internal pattern recognition and understanding of how the human mind works.

Extroverted Feeling - A desire to connect with others and meet the needs of those they care most about. 

Introverted Thinking - The side of an INFJ that cares about logic and language. 

Extroverted Sensing - Being present, seeing the world for what it is, and being connected with your body. 

We'll explain what these functions mean, how they potentially show up in your life, and how to keep yourself calibrated as you go throw life's challenges.

Each personality type empowerment explainer includes advice each type, including potential habits and behaviors to look out for, what causes the most stress for your personality type, how you show love, what may be your greatest ambition, and what drives you the most plus plenty more!

We hope you pick up and enjoy learning about what it means to be an INFJ!